Paul in his younger years and other relatives
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These are pictures of Paul, his sister,brother, and family

Paul in younger years
I remember when this picture was taken, I wondered what was going on.

Paul at 16 yrs old
This picture was taken when I had a lot more hair and was taken by my brother Dave.
Paul at 18 with sister Judy
taken by the garden
Picture of Dave, Judy, Chester, & Delores Lowe
Paul's brother, sister, and parents
Paul with brother and sister Dave, and Judy
This picture was taken at Mrs Rice's house
Paul in ROTC Uniform
This picture was taken by paul's roommate during his freshman year at Akron University
Paul's third grade class in Magador Ohio
Paul as cowboy
This was taken in my favorite outfit.
The picture was taken in Akron on Lovers Lane.
The other person is Thelma Wagner
School picture age 11

School picture age 9
Chrismas 1952 on Lovers Lane house in Akron, Ohio
Edna Skinner
Taken in the back yard of our house in Homerville, Ohio
Paul age 29 at his appartment in Utica, MI
Taken by an old girl friend who will remain nameless

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