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Mary's Page
Mary was born in Flint Michigan the daughter of Polish immigrant parents. She went to Hamady high school and upon graduation attended Mott college graduating with a nursing degree. After working several years as a nurse, she attended Ambassador College in Big Sandy TX.

After working as a sales rep, owning her own dress shop, and a few other vocations, she returned to school while living in South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BS degree in Psychology. She then attended Notre Dame de Namur University and graduated with a MA degree in Marital and Family Therapy and Art Therapy.

Mary as an intelligent and beautiful women, not only has she broken the heart of many a male suitor, she has traveled extensively through out Europe including trips behind the iron curtain were she was understanding of people that had been trapped in the Russian lie. Since graduation from high school, Mary has lived in seven states: so she knows there are other places than Michigan.

She now lives in Las Vegas with her husband of over 25 years.

Mary as baby
So when do I get my Macy's credit card?
Mary picking peaches in backyard age 9
There better be no worms in these
Mary setting on her livingroom couch age 4
Isn’t she cute?
Mary Maniak Lowe at her appartment in Rochester, MI age 23
What a change!
Mary's parents and her sister

Eugenia Maniak, Casmier Maniak, Olga Maurer

Getting married in a rose garden, Lansing, Michigan 1978, Paul Lowe & Mary Lowe
Minister is Nelson Haas. In the back ground is Norma and Dave Northnagel
Mary Lowe getting her BS degree from University South Carolina Dec. 2000

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