More Friends and Relatives of Mary and Paul Lowe
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These are pictures of relatives, friends, and places 2002 - 2007

Chris Kelley, Ph.D. candidate, Paul's Nephew

Chris and Grand Nephews, Kelleys & Brunos

Jason Kirker-in Santa Cruz during visit Mary's nephew

Mary's trip to Rhinelander, 3 generations

Mary Lowe and her sister, Olga Maurer who was born in Poland

Mary and Johnathan, Mary's office 2006

Mary, Paul, & Mary

Natalie in blue

Trevor and Mom Brenda, a college friend

Mary and Zack in Santa Cruz

Zack at Hoover Dam 2004- so you mean this thing turns water into electicity?

Aikoand & Katerina '07 Paul's grand Nieces

So where is the fat guy in red?

Monica & Mary shopping in Aiken, SC

David Mark & Zaneta in Las Vegas Paul's Nephew

Harpers and the Lowes, Las vegas, NV '06 Feasting on the Yucca Mountain Progect

C. Baker Dewitt, MI - hunting season '06

Hagmaier grand children

Art Roelser

Art Roelser and a small part of his family originally met in Augusta, GA now in Houston

Jacque Roelsar 1983

Mary Harris & Paul and Mary in Red Rock

Harris's and Lowe's in Lake Tahoe

Mary & Mary

Mary Lowe's 1st grade class

The Wedding Party

Poland - Mary's Uncle, Aunt, Cousin 1984

San Jose youth group 2003

The Ladies from San Jose

Dr. Connie in Augusta, GA

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